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We are a team of experts bent on rendering esteemed services to our customers through the provision of quality gutter installations, regimented gutter repair, eavestrough repair and more.

In Toronto, we have left footprints in the sands of time by giving the best we have to the satisfaction of our customers.  Eavestrough repair in Toronto cannot be completely summarized without placing emphasis on the impact and significance of Premium Aluminum services.

Rain gutter installation is one of the biggest achievement builders always crave to acquire, that, coupled with our client’s maximum comfort gave us every reason to deem our service extremely necessary. Premium Aluminum has determined to avoid giving you the desired service without a concrete after-service support.  The implications of damaged gutters include a lot but not limited to the following :

  • They can lead to unexpected damage to roofs, soffits, and fascia
  • Wood rot usually develops from gutter damage.
  • Constant accumulation of water pool near house foundation, driveways and can equally bring about cracked foundations.
  • Excessive accumulation of water can restructure your landscaping and garden, leaving them in an unpleasant condition.
  • Once water from leaked or damaged gutter fall on decks or porches, you cannot rule out an entire collapse.
  • Stains on concrete and sidings and more.

Every home faces the effects of the weather; whether harsh or soft but the roof appears to be the direct recipient. In as much the roof seems to bear it all, having a good eavestrough installation remains beneficial to every homeowner and assist in improving the service life of any roof structure.


Have you ever compared the difference between a home with siding and one without siding? If you have taken a critical look at these buildings, you wouldn’t agree any less that your home needs a special touch from one of the reputable siding companies in Toronto.


Due to the nature of the soffit board and its tendency to fit in to be tucked away under the fascia board, we employ a bunch of technicalities and every bit of carefulness to make effective repairs and installations.


The homeowners comfort and peace of mind is of utmost importance when we plan and execute any leaf guard gutter project
Premium Aluminum provides you with a quality soffit, an exposed siding underneath your roof’s overhang.
Having the right siding can create an unimaginable difference in the appearance of any home.
Eaves Cleaning
Every homeowner wants their home to be at its best, and every tenant desires to spend quality time in a clean and health-friendly home and that is why eaves cleaning appears inevitable.
The art and business of installing and repairing gutters in Toronto go beyond going up to the roof and fixing issues generically.
Emergency Repairs
At Premium Aluminum, we believe in every home having the best and very clean eaves as we understand the side effects and harm dirty eaves pose.

The awesome secret remains that once you experience any disorder or damage on your gutters and eavestrough, we have the exact solutions on our fingertips. Get in touch with Premium Aluminum and watch all things fall into place.

Our repairs aren’t mere, we endeavor to hear your complaints, make thorough inspections, with quality and straight-to-need equipment and materials; we record an unimaginable and error-free Gutter Repair Toronto.  No one enjoys cleaning out one’s gutter at frequent intervals or paying to have them tidied up. Its quite easier, take a bold step by granting Premium Aluminum the full access to your gutter, let’s make you smile again.

Most times, it remains unquestionable how gutter clogs and damage, a lot of natural and artificial factors play key roles to this. Few but not all the factors include weather, poor design, defective installation, quick maintenance and more. Bad gutters can constitute a lot of environmental hazard and maintenance can be a bit difficult and time-consuming. We take immeasurable pleasure in displaying what we can offer and a friendly and competitive price.

When water leaves the downspouts, it’s meant to be directed away from the structure, therefore, gutter installation and gutter repair can specifically minimize considerable problems associated with bad gutters.

Eavestrough repair Toronto has unchangeably remained the star focus of Premium Aluminum, to make dwellers and homeowners enjoy the feel of a good house. Households with children find eavestrough repair quite interesting.

Do you know that crawlspace moisture, dry rot, foundation and siding damage are some unwanted cause of the uncontrolled flow of water through gutters?

Leaking gutters can pose a huge threat to homeowners and dwellers such as intake of water into the wall surfaces. Since gutters are a significant part of every building, there isn’t any other suitable way of conveying rainwater to a place of proper drainage other than solid gutters. Having it that water is one of the indispensable causes of external and internal cracks and collapse.

We have a clock-round robust interactive session to assist you in making quality transactions with us. Your 100% satisfaction and time value remain our priority. Hence there is every need to get in touch with us. Our expert gutter installations Toronto and eavestrough repair Toronto services go a long way in convincing your clients, leaving us with the task of a lesser talk. We don’t just render our services and leave you it, we render great assistance when needed as well work hand-in-glove with you to reach your desired goal.

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We don’t just create mere designs for your home but we craft unique design in line with your taste and structural design. We are professionals who conduct thorough inspection and analysis through and grace it all by availing our top-notch installation and repair services in a bid to promote your environmental wellness, ease stress and improve house serenity.


All these bundles of benefits can be brought to your door-step swiftly

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Where would you rather get quality gutter installations, repairs, and eavestrough repair at very affordable and friendly price other than Premium Aluminum?

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Premium Aluminum has recorded a long list of satisfied clients and is ever ready to give you the maximum support and guarantee required. We at premium transform your home to make it ever-admirable. We maintain the status of being a one-stop destination for quality improvement, building and repair gutters and eavestrough. Having Premium Aluminum as your servicemen, there’s every certainty that all the waterways in your home or building will be put in right shape and function.

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